The Live Musicians and Entertainers at PHJR Events have an abundance of experience within the Live Entertainment industry along with having Performed with some of the world largest pop stars, Bands and celebrities that are alive today and some that are sadly no longer with us.

Not only that, they have consistently proved their commitment to Performing at the highest standard possible, period, which has created a large demand for their services on an International basis.

Choose from our selection of Professional, Reliable & talented DJ’s, Dancers, Saxophonists,

Violinists, Bands, singers & more.


Our professional DJ’s are a sure bet when it comes to getting you and your guests in the mood for a serious party.

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Check out our selective selection of Professional Saxophonists!

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We have a wide range of Professional Percussionists available for hire for Night life Events, Weddings, Festivals, Private parties & more.

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Four Stroll was born to perform music, which is obvious to anyone who has seen them live. Get in touch for a full bio and more fun facts about their early years and the band’s development.

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Check out these superstars, a fan favorite of the Hardcastle Ents catalogue. Want to learn more about their early work and musical inspirations? Contact us for their full bio and to reserve their services today.

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Bands & Groups

Jesse & the Band lives and breathes music. They have been working in the music industry for many years and have a broad range of musical talents, especially when it comes to performing on stage.

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